Explore the benefits of Nestbox herbs – an innovative solution for backyard poultry owners. Discover how these herbal blends, crafted with precision and care, make a comforting and secure space for your chickens. Nest box herbs are not just an aromatic experience for your feathered friends but a tool to improve egg production. Furthermore, this article delves into the concept of "nest herbs", a natural remedy to deter pests, promote respiratory health, and create an invigorating environment for your chickens. By using nest herbs, you can ensure a healthier, happier flock.

Did you know that wild birds use herbs to line their nests to shield baby birds from bacteria. Herbs not only calm your hens, but they will help to deter mites, lice, fleas, and other insects and mice from visiting your nest boxes. Certain herbs will also be calming and will help to increase egg production.

All of our blends are edible and safe, we use wildcrafted and organic herbs when possible.

Nest Box blends